Take these short data visualization courses

Take these short, focused and practical data visualization courses to improve your skills. All courses come with one year access. Non-recurring costs, 30-day money back guarantee. Many more to come!

About Wisevis

Hi. I’m Jorge Camoes. I’ve been running a blog you may have heard of, excelcharts.com, and now I’m launching Wisevis, a place for data visualization online training and other projects not limited or defined by a single tool.

Online training

Do you want to learn how to make a chart? Do you want to learn more about designing more effective and efficient data visualizations? Do you want to know how to organize your spreadsheets and go beyond the Excel charts library? You’ll find here a growing list of short, focused and practical courses that will help you with that!


Do you want to evaluate your current data visualization practices? Are you sure users apply sound risk-minimizing techniques when working with spreadsheets? Get in touch to learn mores about our consulting services.