Hi. I’m Jorge Camões. I’ve been running a blog you may have heard of, excelcharts.com. No, it’s not about Excel charts only, or even mostly. It’s about data visualization and analysis for office users and, yes, most of them use Excel. 

The blog was always more about data visualization than about Excel tips and tricks. But it’s time to find a new home for ideas and projects that can’t and shouldn’t be defined by a tool. Wisevis is my consulting company, and after changing my Twitter handle to @wisevis a while ago, it’s about time to build an online home for it. 

What’s in here for you? 

I’ll be sharing here some of my work with clients (when possible and relevant) and ideas that can’t fit in Twitter’s 280 character limit. But above all I want to make this a place to teach and learn. You’ll find a few courses already available and I have plans to add dozens more. Some will be free, some will be paid, but they will be short, very specific and practical.

I believe we should focus more on how and what to communicate than on the tool we use. Getting the tool out of the way should be our priority. Take a look at the course How to Make a Pie Chart (consider it a hello world course). You’ll see that most of the course is about the chart and how to design and use it and when, because that’s shared, tool-agnostic knowledge. Then you’ll find a module where tool-specific step-by-step instructions are provided, and the list of tools is likely to grow. Most courses will be structured that way.

I want to help office users (that didn’t change) so, along these “how to make a x chart” courses I will address what I see as pain points:

  • how to design for effectiveness,
  • how to design for efficiency,
  • how to manage data in Excel (a huge problem, in my opinion),
  • how to make spreadsheets more flexible but more resilient to errors,
  • how to go beyond the Excel charts library. 


I’m pretty good at making charts in Excel, if you don’t mind my lack of modesty. I also think Excel is a great tool to learn data visualization, because most people know the basics. So I’ll keep using Excel extensively here. 

But I want to learn more about tools like PowerBI, Tableau, JMP or Charticulator. I will post how-tos using these tools as well, because it’s also an incentive to research and learn. 

Other services

  • I’m often asked to make (design and develop) dashboards in Excel, so that’s something I’m very familiar with. These dashboards can be moved into production or used as a prototypes, to help getting user’s requirements and feedback. 
  • I’ve been helping a client moving from QlikView to PowerBI, which means redesigning reports from scratch. 
  • I’m asked from time to time to design infographics for conferences. This only works if the client is aware of my emphasis on effectiveness and clean design choices. I will post a few examples shortly. 
  • I offer training courses on dashboard design, Excel, data visualization… They will be more connected to my online courses after the summer. 
  • If you don’t see a course that meets your needs, I can design it and make it available for your organization only. 

Picture: wikicommons