My goal at Wisevis is to help business workers to make sense of their data based on their needs, skills, processes, and tools. We provide a consistent data visualization framework aligned with the necessary training and consulting resources.

Currently, my priority is to improve and expand our collection of video tutorials covering both the theory of data visualization and its practical implementation using several popular point-and-click tools, from spreadsheets to online tools to business intelligence tools.

What it means to you

Having an extensive collection of short videos at your disposal means that you’ll probably find the ones that address your present need and is consistent with the overall data visualization framework. It also means that we can work together to define a structure and a collection of videos to support your training goals.

You know how people spend a non-negligible part of workshops and other hands-on training just getting rid of tech issues. Having a selection of how-to videos that answer most of your questions means that you can focus your attention on higher-level training, like formulating better questions, agreeing on concepts and processes.

Own brand videos

Vimeo, where we host our videos, offers options to restrict where the video can be embedded and hide it from the site. These options allow us to license a non-exclusive copy of our videos with your own brand and playable only from your site. We can provide this as a standalone service, or it can be a part of a larger project.

Can’t find what you need?

Data visualization is a vast field, even if we restrict it to a few tools and specific office needs. We are currently structuring our collection of how-to videos to cover standard charts in all three types of data visualization tools. We plan to add more complex visuals, dashboard design, and data preparation tasks to our portfolio in the second semester of 2021.

If there is a chart type you’re interested in, let us know. We may be able to add it to the list or move it up.

Consulting and private training

Consulting is not a priority for 2021 since I want to focus on our video tutorials. Private online training is available, and I encourage you to get in touch to discuss the available options.

Get in touch

You can find me on Twitter and LinkedIn or email to jorge.camoes at