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[E301.1] Overview

Na Excel spreadsheet is like a canvas for numbers. A blank canvas full of possibilities that lets us paint whatever we want, wherever we want. This flexibility feels almost like absolute freedom. Just like a painter, you feel that everything you add to the canvas can turn into a masterpiece. Or, as a minimum, calculations will never be wrong.

This works well if you use it for basic tasks: add a few numbers, make a simple chart. But when the data volume increases, when the analisys gets more complex, when update and maintenance costs skyrocket, you need the right (non-Excel) skills and you need what most Excel users hate/don’t understand: structure.

This course covers the essencial four types of spreadsheet structure: book, sheet, cell and data. “Book” describes the generic way of structuring a workbook, like using spcialized sheets for each task. “Sheet” deals with rows, columns and ranges. “Cell” is about formulas and error handling. “Data”, is, well, about structuring the data.

This is a practical, hands-on course. We’ll define a goal, get the data, apply the concepts introduced in each lesson and create a report.

So enroll now and let’s meet on the other side!