Online Data Visualization Course

This online data visualization course is designed for office users who need to improve their business data visualization skills using familiar tools such as Excel spreadsheets and business intelligence applications.

Data visualization book for office users
My data visualization book for office users.

The course, based on my book Data at Work, is one-hour long and covers the following topics:

  • What is data visualization, what distinguishes visualization in a corporate environment from other forms of visualization (media, arts);
  • Why a basic understanding of how visual perception works allows us to create more effective visualizations;
  • The process by which we make sense of data, the steps in exploring it, and how we prepare and communicate findings;
  • The types of questions the charts answer and the most effective chart types:
  • Design for non-designers: how to create a safety net that makes it easy to create charts that are effective but also capable of attracting attention, and how to use color wisely;
  • How to go beyond the single chart: the relationship with other charts in dashboard design and with text, tables, and other objects in a report.