Full access to the video library

Videos published on the site are premium content and can be accessed through a monthly subscription. They are hosted on Vimeo and payment is also safely processed via Vimeo.

How to subscribe

(The usual terms and conditions apply. Please read the page before subscribing).

  1. Access the collection page on Vimeo:


2. The main course is may introduction to data visualization (English narration, subtitles in Portugues). The remaining courses are listed below.
3. Log in to your Vimeo account (if you don't have an account, you can create one for free).
4. Enter your payment details (payment is processed by Vimeo, and no account details are shared).

Videos are made available immediately after payment (an email with access details will also be sent to you). Although you can watch the videos on Vimeo, I suggest that you watch them on the Wisevis website (you will need to stay logged in) as each video page has additional information.

Free access

The collection is available for free to participants in some of my training courses. Contact me to find out what types of training offers free access.

White brand

Would you like to use these videos with your branding (home screen and logo) on your organization’s internal website? Choose the videos you want and they will be configured for you, and accessible only within the website you indicate.


Unless otherwise indicated, the most recent English version of the tool (at the time of recording) is used in the videos. Specifically in Excel, there are some compatibility issues between the Windows and the Mac versions that I try to avoid or minimize, but that’s not always possible.