The target audience for the courses is data users in accounting, sales, finance, and similar. IT skills or graphic design skills are not expected or required. In most cases, this corresponds to Excel users.


Some courses are tool-agnostic because the provide transversal skills. Application-centric courses are mostly focused on Excel, PowerQuery, and PowerBI.


Wisevis training is aligned with the ideas of preparing, integrating and discovering data, effectively and adjusted to the organization’s needs:

  • Automate

    • Understand how data organization impacts its exploration;
    • Know how to access data sources;
    • Learn to transform and clean data tables.
  • Connect

    • Learn to structure data tables;
    • Create data models;
    • Know how to organize spreadsheets.
  • Discover

    • Understand how to transform data visualization into an effective form of communication;
    • Identify the types of business questions a chart can answer and the most suitable types of charts;
    • Learn to apply practical and functional design to charts and tables;
    • Go beyond the graph: identify the characteristics that impact the effectiveness of dashboards;
    • Understand which graphic objects are most suitable in the construction of dashboards;
    • Learn to manage dashboard space and design for mobile devices;

Types of courses

Courses are designed around stated goals, focusing on one or more goals.

  • Change perspective

    • Experience shows that despite being familiar with the application, most Excel users are not aware of the importance of correctly structuring their spreadsheets to minimize errors and maintenance costs.
    • There is also this widespread idea that charts are mainly illustrative. This often goes beyond the individual and becomes part of the organizational culture.
    • Thus, some courses are designed primarily to change this approach, understand the importance and impact of some practices, and get better results.
    • This type of course can be mainly expository or with practical cases, but only require paper and pen, preventing the degree of mastery of an application from conditioning the results.
  • Workshops

    • Tool workshops primarily focus on solving practical cases using the applications and may emphasize using one of them or its integration.


The duration of the courses depends on their nature, but in general, it will be between 4 and 16 hours.

Online and on-site

The courses are taught online via Teams, with the expectation of returning to on-site training in 2022.

Access to online support

For one year, workshop participants have access to the videos published on the Wisevis website.

Let’s get started!