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[202.4] Making a pie chart in Flourish

We are going to create a simple pie chart

1 Create account or log-in.

After logging into your Flourish account, select “Choose a template” from the menu.

2 Select the data file

You are presented with a a generic template with some data. Switch to Data and select Import your data,

You can choose from several file types. If you open an Excel file with more than one sheet, select the one that contains the data.

3 Assign columns

You need to define the role of each column in your data table. This one is simple: assign column A (Region) to Labels and column B (Population) to Values.

4 Edit options

You can customize your chart using the setting panel on the right. I suggest you to close all groups, open each in sequence, change things and close it again.

5 Legend

Under Legend, set Legend position to Off to remove it. Usually you don’t need a legend in a pie chart, but you can color-code the title or the subtitle to add some redundancy. First, set “Add data colours to header text” to Auto.

6 Data labels

Under Data labels, enable “Show labels on each data point”.

7 Number formatting

Although you don’t have the option to turn the original values into percentages, you can have some control over number formatting. In this example, I divided the data by one million and added “M” to the suffix field.

8 Header

The header gives you three lines of text, that you can use to add the title the subtitle and an additional reference. If you use category names in the title or subtitle they will automagically use slice colors. This is a very nice touch.

9 Footer

You ca use the footer to reference the data source and the source URL. This link points to the dynamically generated report in the Eurostat website.

10 Publish


11 The chart