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Making a pie chart in Datawrapper

1 Create a new chart

After logging into your Datawrapper account, select “New Chart” from the menu. You have the option to copy and paste your data table into the editor on the right or get the data from a source. In this case, I have an Excel file with two sheets. I opened it and selected the sheet “Regions”. Click “Proceed”.

2 Check the data

My table contains data for the European population by region (defined by me). Select “Sort view by…” to sort the rows. You have the option to select by a column and in ascending or descending order.

3.1 Visualize

This is where much of the work takes place. Start by selecting the chart type (the pie chart). You can insert the title now or leave it for later.

3.2 Refine

We want to emphasize the fact that more than half of the population lives in the West region. We can do that by choosing a color for the West and gray for the the other slices. Click “customize colors…” next to “Slice color”. Choose each slice and assign it the right color. We don’t need a legend, so disable it under “Color key”. Enable “Convert values to percentages” to display percentages instead of the absolute numbers.

3.3 Annotate

Use Annotate to add the title, a comment/description and sources. Add a link to the data source if possible.

3.4 Design

The final section under Visualize allows you to select a layout and activate social sharing.

4 Publish and Embed

To finalize the chart click Publish Chart. Now you can copy the new link and use it to publish the chart on your site.

The published chart

Other options

There are other options worth noting. In the example below, I used the option to display percentages instead of absolute values, then grouped the smaller countries under “Other” but also highlighted a country from this group. This can all be done under Visualize/Refine. I used the options in my site to make the chart smaller.