White label tutorials

Would you like to provide people in your organization an extensive and consistent library of tutorials on how to make charts using their tool of choice?

Now you can license such library and make it your own. Our white label video tutorials can be branded to your organization and made available when needed.

How it works

Wisevis is creating dozens of short videos showing how to make charts using several of the most popular point and click tools, like Excel, PowerBI, Datawrapper or Tableau.

All our videos are hosted on Vimeo. There is no narration but subtitles are provided (in English and Portuguese, more to come).

You can choose from a list of videos the ones that you want to make available. For each one you provide the first and last slides, a logo for the watermark and, if needed, a translation of the subtitles currently used.

With these, Wisevis generates your videos, which are also hosted on Vimeo and managed by us, but can only be played on a page on your domain.

You can contract the number of visualizations you think you need per year.


  • All videos were recorded setting the tool to English.
  • The current version of the tool (at the time of recording) as used.
  • The operation system used was Windows. Some compatibility issues should be expected, especially between Windows and Mav versions of Excel.