[Excel] How to make an area chart pyramid

This is a regular area chart that was rotated to be displayed vertically using the camera tool.

Rotated area chart
Rotating an area chart to make a population pyramid.

Design notes

  • This is an old Excel trick: you “take a picture” of a range using the Camera, which you can rotate, and remains fully linked to that range, so if you change the content of the range the picture is updated.
  • You need to add the Camera to the Quick Access Tollbar: Search for the Camera under Excel Options / Quick Access Toolbar. Search the command and add it to the toolbar.
  • You need to rotate all labels to compensate for the rotation of the range.
  • When creating population pyramids in Excel, you need to multiply one of the series by -1, so that one series is displayed to the left and one to the right. They you format the x-axis so that the minus sign is removed.